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The Patriot Institute is dedicated to rebuilding and restoring America. Politics, political analysis and current events, backyard homesteading, education and family, emergency preparedness and self-reliance are just some of topics examined here.

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The Patriot Institute is a non-partisan organization with the purpose of restoring our Constitutional republic through political education and activism.
Many Americans may believe that with the election of Donald Trump, all will be well. Not so! You can see from the many protests, violence and the constant efforts of our opposition to discredit each and every cabinet appointment, statement and policy initiative from our president that they will never give up. Opposition groups unhappy with the election results are right now trying to mimic the rise of the Tea Party with their own form of leftist grassroots activism. We must unite and be prepared to peacefully counter their every move. We have to be as diligent and untiring as they are.

We are the Patriot Institute.

The Patriot Institute is absolutely dedicated to building a nation-wide community of strong, resilient and educated Americans. Through training and peaceful grassroots activism, we tirelessly work to restore American values of self-sufficiency, personal accountability and liberty across America, one member, one community at a time.
Now, right now, is the time to get to work. We have to consistently work faster, stronger and smarter than the forces striving to destroy our country. We may have won this round, but the fight is far from over. Together we will make America great again, but it will take all of us.

Welcome to the Patriot Institute!

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Patriot Institute founder, Joseph Gilbert, has published his first book entitled "Of Faith and Freedom - How cultural Marxism and Political Correctness hijacked America and How to Take it Back!"

"When our Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, what was their Founding document? The Bible.

Want to know how America went off the rails and how to fix it? Read this book!"