Patriots, it's a new year. Can we handle the educational truths? Will be fight back?

Patriots, we’ve made it solidly into 2018. Schools have begun their last portion of the 2017-18 academic year. We, as a nation, have seen the 2nd anniversary of the passage of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) go by. (Patriots, ESSA was signed into law in Dec. 2015)

So, what can we, as the taxpaying Patriots expect in 2018 when it comes to educational scope and sequences? Before we answer that, let’s quickly review what a ‘scope and sequence’ is.

‘Scope and Sequence’ Defined:

Patriots, below is a screen shot which reveals the accepted definitions:

Did you see the accepted examples of ‘scope and sequence’? What does the ‘framework’ for Common Core even mean? According to the official Mathematics Standards page for Common Core, the framework (or new ‘scope and sequence’) was to be clear, concise, and high-quality. Patriots, if you’ve seen and studied the results of annual testing for math in Common Core, you’ll see that the high-quality was a farce; the conciseness and clarity were flat out lies. Thanks to ESSA’s language and implementation, the outlook for 2018 and beyond is not high-quality, nor will it improve.

The Truth For Us:

What education will do is continue down the disastrous path of alignment to non-American created standards, but global ones. Education is becoming everyday, a former shadow of greatness in creating brilliant minds among our students. How, the consistent, globally bending shift away from true quality education (where you learn ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think and do) to that of a workforce trained citizen for the good of the collective economy.

We, as taxpayers and free citizens, will continue to see our rights chipped away at and our freedom of choices (including education) quickly going away. How? Why?

The answer to the ‘how’ is the massive amount of acceptance and compliance by our government; especially at the federal level.

The answer to the ‘why’ would be our involvement with the United Nations at ANY level. Another ‘why’ answer is the cowardice shown by every single State of the United States.

Not one State has stood up and booted Common Core out. I repeat, not one State.

Sure, we’ve been lied to about this State or that one ditched Common Core, but go back and look deeper.

It’s still Common Core, regardless of the name change! It’s still globally based, mind bending workforce skills training. It’s ruining our children’s minds and it’s preparing them for glorified indentured servitude (which is a violation of the U.S. Constitution).

However, Patriots, this huge global ‘scope and sequence’ isn’t just for the kids, look into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (a huge part of Common Core via STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) and you’ll see EVERY citizen is to be ensnared.

So, What’s A Patriot To Do?

Patriots, regardless of the track intended for us by those who seek to control us, we must resist! We must remain informed with the truth, not the mass produced fodder to distract us. We must protect our freedoms, rights, and, our children. Know that you can rely on me in 2018, to bring you the truth about matter how pretty or ugly.

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