Lynne M. Taylor is a contributing columnist to the Patriot Institute specializing in issues related to education and Common Core.

Subject Matter Expert (Education)Author (Silver)1st Anniversary at The Patriot Institute
Student Data Mining out of control+

Student Data Mining out of control

Presidential Double Speak+
CCSS mindset is killing our student’s minds+
Drowning out the voices of America’s people in education+
The Educational Loss of Independence+
A Patriot’s Respite?!+
Trickery Gets Education Nowhere+
Education and Lies+
Time to end federal education!+
Firing Back: A Patriot’s Viewpoint+
Not On My Watch+
An educational take on the Blueprint Budget Proposal+
An Educational Demise+
Career Tech Education, an arm of Common Core will not be our saving grace+
Mike Pence education Common Core BS Alert!+
The big lie of education choice coupons+
The education Wannabees+
Frankly Speaking: Christmas Education+
A Pied Piper’s Tale+
Frankly Speaking: Catch Phrases+
A Nation Scorned+
Every Student Succeeds Act has horrid plans for our littlest learners+
Education alignment is in fashion+
Frankly Speaking: Going Forth in Education+
Frankly Speaking: Meddling Government+
A Patriot’s Education Primer+
Education’s Open Letter+
Citizens’ Wisdom vs. Bureaucratic Folly+
Bee In North Carolina Common Core Bonnet+
No Enigma here – The Global push for Common Core+
The fan’s been hit on Common Core+


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