The heart of the Patriot Institute is The Academy.

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The Patriot Institute is a school. Here we teach students and activists all they need to become a part of the next American revolution!

From civics, American history, the Constitution, emergency preparedness and emergency communications to micro-farming and self-reliance, the Patriot Institute provides the instruction Americans will need to get through the next crisis. Also, our students will be prepared and armed with the knowledge to be the next Founding Fathers of America.

It is our preference to offer classroom instruction whenever possible. However, we realize that everyone has a busy schedule and cannot travel to our classes due to distance and time, so the Patriot Institute will offer virtual learning as well.

You can find the course materials for all of our classes in the Patriot Market so you will have all you need for the best learning experience possible.

As the Patriot Institute grows, students can earn certifications at the Associate, Bachelor and Graduate levels in areas of study to include Civics and History, Community Activism, Emergency and Family Preparedness and Political Campaigning.  Select students will also be able to apply to the Patriot Institute to become one of our instructors.

The academy and our classes are also the place to network with your fellow Patriots and see who else is studying in your area of expertise and find other Patriots in your hometown.

Whether you want to ensure your family is ready for anything, become a political activist, just increase your knowledge of American history or civics or learn a new and useful skill, the Patriot Institute is the place to start. If you have what it takes, you may also become one of our instructors.



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