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Survival Cooking. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, there is no reason not to eat well. Nature provides all you need to not only survive, but to thrive. The Patriot Institute is dedicated to building strong and self-reliant individual citizens, families and communities that can thrive in any situation.

Outdoor cooking without proper equipment can be a challenge. After practicing several methods, it can actually be fun. There are many ways to cook you food in the outdoors. Don't wait until your life depends on it before you practice these techniques. With practice and repetition, you can master these skills and be ready, come what may.

Have fun now and survive, and eat well, when the chips are down.

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Survival Skills: How to Cook Food on a Rock
Outdoor Life

Processing and Cooking Catfish Outdoors
Junkyard Fox

Winter Bushcraft at the Survival Shelter, Squirrel Cooker

Cooking rabbit over fire
The Survival Channel -Outdoor Gear Reviews

Survival Fishing: How To CLEAN & COOK OVER OPEN FLAME
Shoot To Kill Outdoors

Bushcraft Breakfast In The Woods

Primitive Cooking! Moose Roast in Clay!

How to Cold Smoke Fish Primitive Preservation
Bob Hansler

Boiling Eggs with Rocks (primitive cooking)
Bob Hansler

Primitive Stone Cooking Squirrel
Wandering The Wild

Cooking and Cleaning Squirrels
Wild 4 the Outdoors TV

Amazing catching and cooking razor clam
TV Cooking

Wildcamp - Primitive Cooking
Zed Outdoors

Primitive Bushcraft Dinner - Tarzan Steak

Baking Yucca Fruit (Primitive Cooking)
Bob Hansler

Bushcraft primitive cooking-"fish"

Hobo Stew and Corn Bread


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