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When are the Republicans going to get Loretta Lynch before a Congressional committee to answer some questions? I would like to know and I suspect you do too. It seems as if a lot of untoward things have happened that we’d like to find out about. We all think that the time has been long overdue. It looks like crimes have been committed by the Democrats but the media looks away. The mainstream slimes are so good at protecting them. There is truth in what I say. We patriots know better.

There are so many cretinous scum from the TYRANT’S regime to call to answer for their questionable activities. They are such sleaze and have much explaining to do. But it will have to wait at the earliest after the August recess. You see our elected officials need a break for all of the legislative work that they fail in achieving. That is the prevalent view. It’s unbelievable, wouldn’t you say? Congress can’t get anything done. We keep reelecting these pathetic fools. Practically all are deserving of not a smidgen of respect. Each and every one.

After nearly seven months you see what our president is up against. It is truly unjust. He constantly earns from us, his loyal base, our deepest admiration. He most certainly has our trust. The Democrats will point out the lack of legislative achievements. They will batter our DON over the head with it. But they and their Socialist brethren in the media will not point to the economic comeback and all of the jobs that have been created. This positive news they deliberately omit.

The HYPOCRISY and the DOUBLE STANDARDS we are witnessing needs to be pointed out ad nauseum. The despicable acts by those in the previous regime the press turns a blind eye to. It is disgraceful that these scum are protected by bigger scum. We stand at the ready for we know what the Special Counsel has in his deranged mind. He is looking for anything to drive Trump from office. He looks for any damn thing he can find.

The Republicans don’t have our President’s back but we patriots surely do. We will not let Trump be ‘railroaded’. My fellow patriots, that is very true. What we’ve been witness to, lo these many months, is a purposeful attack on a man that has been duly elected. They so wish to override the people’s will. We so clearly see what they are up to.

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