Jeruselasem, Jews, Israel, Trump, Captial of Israel, Rage, 3 days of rage, Jewish attack, attack on Jews

There was a discussion after Jewish Shabbat services at Shaarey Zedek Congregation in Southfield, Michigan yesterday.

The subject: President Donald Trump‘s decision this week to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and to begin the process of moving America’s embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Noting that Muslims had declared “Three Days of Rage” in response, he remarked that many people say Three Days of Rage is what Trump gets from his wife when he proposes changing the shade of paint in one of their rooms.

Comments from congregants included these:

* A recollection of America’s arms embargo on the newly formed State of Israel in 1948; the woman who remembered marching in blue skirts and white blouses in support of Israel and praised DJT;

* A belief that the decision was motivated by desire to avoid coverage of election matters in Alabama and Russia investigation;

* A statement by congregant with family in Israel that everyone he knows there is thrilled with Trump’s decision;

* My comment about Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent remarks that Diaspora Jews, like the ones in this room, would be disappearing in a couple of generations any way, and were not as key to the Jewish nation’s future as Evangelicals and Orthodox in America in any event.

Jeruselasem, Jews, Israel, Trump, Captial of Israel, Rage, 3 days of rage, Jewish attack, attack on Jews

Police cordon off site of molotov cocktail attack on Jews in Sweden. Euronews photo.

By and large it appeared to me that congregants generally support the President’s decision, and that clergy continue to seethe with rage that he was elected.

Subsequent to the discussion it emerged that youths attending a Jewish Hanukkah party in Gothenburg (Sweden) were attacked by 20 or so Muslims tossing Molotov cocktails at their synagogue there.

As Rabbi Starr and other clergy are firmly in favor of inviting additional Muslims from broken lands for resettlement here, it will be interesting if he or his cohorts speak out against the Arab violence against coreligionists.

– Elliot Eisenberg
Photo credit: NBC New York

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