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In the WACKY WORLD OF THE PUNDITS they still cling to the belief that evidence will show that our President committed an act that will end his presidency. They deeply believe he will in time be a fallen Commander in Chief. They refuse to believe that he won actually won an honest election. A new book by Dastardly Hillary will bolster their point of view. She’s convinced that there indeed was collusion. America asks WHERE’S PROOF?? They haven‘t seen a smidgen of evidence that indicates that this is true.

The perpetration of this BIG RED LIE permeates our body politic. The TRUMP HATERS of which there are many act in ways that make you totally sick. They deal in FAKERY and EXAGGERATION and are quick to excoriate this Administration any way they can. Democratic ‘talking points’ have been relentless as each day reaches a new epitome. Let’s face it, fellow patriots, when this period is written and analyzed by future historians they will be no doubt fascinated by this TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.

Our DON has been in office just over six months and you hear the pundits exclaim, “HE’S A FAILURE!!”. This is what they want you to believe. They say his agenda is going nowhere. Oh how these TRUMP HATERS will resort to mistruths, half truths, say anything to deceive. Of course there have been setbacks. There is in any Administration and this one is no different. In any White House there are factions that conflict with one another. We have seen this played out like a REALITY SHOW. This gives impetus to our DON’S enemies. The seeds of discontent they surely love to sow.

We never thought a Trump Presidency would be easy going for massive changes were promised and many were kept as we can see. But can you honestly say that you are surprised by the haplessness of this GOP? The Healthcare issue has been a disappointment to be sure but Trump will not back down. No more losses can we expect him to tolerate, to endure. You can see another false narrative being fostered upon us and that being the Democrats are in position to retain majority. And I that Trump’s approval numbers are cratering. How is that for fakery??

Now I ask you are we supposed to be impressed by polling that we are seeing by Gallop and Rasmussen?? Methinks that the answer is a resounding NO. Ever since Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring there have been ups and downs. But like a PHOENIX we’ve seen him RISE FROM THE ASHES. He will again. The pundits will try and convince you that this will not be so.

I’m sure the past six months our President has gotten a good lesson of the ways of Washington. It is no doubt worse than he ever imagined. The swamp he swore to drain is deeper and wider. There is no denying that fact. He is a man that can’t stay still. He will act. Don’t for a minute think he’ll be a failure though his enemies will try their best to convince you otherwise. He has a lot more things up his sleeve. More than any of these fools realize.

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