“About That Future City..”

A look at the US led push for UN’s “Smart Cities”

Lynne M. Taylor

for the Patriot Institute

Greetings fellow Patriots!

I’m not sure about you, but I remember being a kid and watching the cartoon series “The Jetsons”.

Maybe you’ve seen an episode or two. It was such fun to be a kid in the 1960s imagining how a city in the future may be. Fast forward to 2018, and the cities of the future are here. Sadly, there is nothing fun about them, at all. Why?

We need only look to the UN (United Nations) for ruining yet one more aspect of American life as we know it.

(Clipart is courtesy of Worldsartme.com)

What’s a “Smart City”?

Basically, it’s the UN’s way to align your town or community to track your every move, control your every step, and, micromanage your entire life to fit that of a ‘collective good’, not as an independent American citizen.

Patriots, I’m hardly the only one exposing “Smart Cities”, but we all should be. If you are seeking authentic and trustworthy information on these types of communities, I urge you to read Patrick Wood’s research, Tom DeWeese’s, Alex Newman’s, as well as evidence from my full-time blog. Of course, it goes without saying that long-time education watchdog, Charlotte Iserbyt, also tied “Smart Cities” to the modern education reform.

So, do “Smart Cities” factor into ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)?

Absolutely!! How?! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) was increased to the point of having a STEM Master Corps (sounds militant, almost, doesn’t it?); Promise Neighborhoods are popping up in more places than ever; 21st Century Community Learning Centers, too. Below, is Anita Hoge’s proof of the inter-connections as seen on Twitter. I urge you to read her research on both total community alignment and mind bending in the classrooms.

Also, the increase of P3s (public private partnerships) are tightening the noose around freedom in your town. Perhaps the scariest way “Smart Cities” were embedded in ESSA is via the SEL (Social Emotional Learning).

How does SEL fit? The UN’s goal for “Smart Cities” is to carry out Agenda 2030 (formerly known as “Agenda 21”) via the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). So, in order for us to ‘willingly’ accept a collective society, we must be groomed to believe it. Enter SEL.

Patriots, it’s not entering American schools at a level appropriate to understand, it’s entering WAY before children can discern properly! Think ‘early childhood education’ (ie: birth to pre-K). ESSA increased SEL in early education!

For example, the CCSS Machine (Common Core State Standards Machine) group KnowledgeWorks has several cities around the nation already well entrenched with whole community alignment to groom students from ‘cradle to career’.

Then, ESSA’s mandate that ALL education be aligned to competency, workforce based training (not academics). This plays into “Smart Cities” by increasing skill based schools and courses. All aligned to Common Core via STEM and CTE (Career Tech Education).

How “Smart” is Congress?

Patriots, there’s a U.S. House of Representatives’ Smart City Caucus. Members are seen below:


Over, in the U.S. Senate, the “Smart Cities” work is hiding in their Infrastructure Plan. The ‘selling point’? Jobs!


To find out more about Resilient Cities, go here.

To learn how sold out Resilient Cities parent group, New America is to not only globalism, but the CCSS Machine, read this 2014 article. Be sure to note how New America was working with Congress.

Current Congressional Bills:

Patriots, here are the 115th (2017-18) Session Bills.

HR 3895 and S 1904 (‘sister’ bills with the same name) “Smart Cities and Communities Act of 2017”

Both were introduced October 2017. Both are 39 pages long. Both combine several federal level Cabinet Agencies. The House’s version is in several Committees, including the Education and Workforce Committee. The Senate’s is in one Committee, the Commerce, Science, and, Technology.

Both these Bills will streamline education for “Smart City” jobs as well as usher in the UN’s SDGs platform.

HR 4151, The STREET Act (Smart Technology for Resilient, Efficient, Economic, and, Reliable Transportation)

This one was introduced in late October 2017 and is in two House Committees. This bill seeks to mandate not only infrastructure, but has the potential to impact the cars we drive AND the data collected (will include images). This one will use several tools for data collection on us as citizens.

HR 3901 and S 1809 “Moving FIRST Act” (*Note: The Senate version was introduced in Sept. 2017, the House version was Oct. 2017) FIRST stand for Fostering Innovation to Revolutionize Smarter Transportation. Both use the “Beyond Traffic 2045” Report by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Within this massive 200+ page report, ‘education’ is woven in 14 times. The hiding in plain sight agenda? Leveling the economic field in America so that ALL citizens will have the opportunity to not only a public education, but owning a car.

HR 2479, The Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s America Act. This Bill was introduced in May of 2017 and would impact the entire nation’s infrastructure, especially for those in the Native American community. The biggest UN SDG innovation visible in this Bill? Internet access for all. The second biggest? Controlling access to water supplies. (Another UN SDG agenda point)

*Note: Read this article to better understand how President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan plays into all these Bills!


Patriot Warning: any of these Bills or any future Bills like these can be raised up out of their Committees at any time.

We MUST protest against this underbelly effort to ruin America!!


Other Smart Groups:

Smart Region Congress:

This global group has an American arm. Its parent group is the Regional Smart City Initiative. The Initiative has 4 pillars, “connectivity, mobility, security and sustainability”.

Regional Smart City Initiative has a parent group, too. It’s called Venture Smarter.

Venture Smarter is an OH based group.

In two days (April 26, 2018) their 2nd Smart City Challenge kicks off (find that in their ‘events’ tab).

Venture Smarter also uses the IEEE’s (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Data mining Standards for each “Smart City”.

Smart Cities Council:

This US based (VA) global group will celebrate “Smart Cities Week” in early May 2018, in (gasp) Silicon Valley. Patriots, Silicon Valley has a diabolical plan to ruin American education..and it’s WELL in the works! The Global Lead Partners are well entrenched in Silicon Valley, too!

To see the latest round of American Cities which are ditching their American roots for global alignment, can be found here. Each of these cities will receive “Readiness” Grants to pull off the switch. To access their “Readiness” guide, look here.


Patriots, we are SMARTER than those who are ruining America! We MUST speak up, out, and LOUDLY! Every day we wait, we loose another day of freedom.






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Karen Bracken

1 year ago

Lynne….here is an update on PPPs (P3) they changed the name. This is what they do as soon as we catch on. Agenda 21 became 2030 Agenda, Communism became progressive, Common Core was renamed multiple names based on the state and now Public Private Partnerships are to be called: BLENDED FINANCE. So we now need to use Blended Finance (P3s) so folks will know PPP was renamed.


Karen Bracken

1 year ago

President Trump said he was removing the US from the Paris Accord. This new Smart Cities Committee will end up implementing everything the Paris Accord wanted us to do. This is the implementation of Agenda 21 and the SDGs. If you have ICLEI in your local community get a group together and demand that your city/county end their relationship with ICLEI and any departments they have set up in your city/county.


Karen Bracken

1 year ago

Sorry for leaving so many messages but if you would like info on ICLEI let me know. They were not mentioned but ICLEI is how A21/Smart Cities are brought into a community. You don’t hear much about this organization but they helped write some of the 40 chapters of the A21 manual.



Lynne Taylor 1 year ago

Yes, please send any information. Thank you, Karen.


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