Was Obama a Manchurian Candidate?

It makes you think doesn’t it? After all, Obama spent 8 years hiding his radical past and sealing all his records, destroying our country & decimating our military…shredding our Constitution, ruling by executive fiat & bringing terrorism to our shores by importing thousands of Muslim men of fighting age! He then installed members of the Muslim Brotherhood into high positions in his administration! Then, while actively working to fundamentally change our Constitutional Republic into some third world country over the 8 years, he doubled our national debt!

In contrast, President Trump’s life is an open book and he is working diligently against all odds to Make America Great Again! Yet President Trump is attacked daily by a corrupted, leftist news media, Democrats, the “deep state” and even members of his own party for trying to undo all the damage! It appears that the political elite in both parties…the Washington lobbyists and K Street do not want any changes and fear President Trump will upset the status quo!

If you remember, five days before taking office, then Senator Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America. And he worked eight long years to keep his promise!

Obama spent a good part of his childhood in a foreign country and was mentored in his teen years by a high-ranking Communist, Frank Marshal Davis, and consequently grew to despise everything for which America stands. As president he traveled the world bowing and pandering to our enemies and eventually paying them billions of dollars and arming them! At the same time he insulted & snubbed all our allies!

As Commander-in-Chief he changed the rules of engagement which tied the hands of our military and basically made them sitting ducks! He recklessly pulled us out of Iraq prematurely leaving a void filled by ISIS.

While doing all this, he worked on dividing our Country! He pitted the young against the old, the poor against the rich, the atheists and homosexuals against the Christians and mostly the blacks against the whites! Furthermore, he constantly attacked the patriotic Tea Partiers who rose up in protest to his policies, all while praising the lawless, murderous Occupy Wall Street anarchists!

Obama agitated & encouraged radical blacks to wantonly destroy businesses in cities across our country and to attack whites. Obama started the ongoing WAR ON COPS, which has led to the MURDER of many fine officers across our country!

Obama opened our southern border allowing thousands of “unaccompanied minors” to pour across our border. He prevented our Border Guards from even stopping them! Then, Obama promptly sent these ‘minors’ all across the country. Now we have the deadly, murderous MS-13 gangs operating in cities large & small across our country unleashing terror into our communities!

If you truly value your country you will stand behind President DONALD J. TRUMP as he strives to undo decades of damage and restore our country to its former greatness!!

If you still support ANY Democrat you are either a fool or you hate our country, in which case you should go to Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, or Iran!